Based out in New York, Label SEEN and Events are created to make a difference in an everyday World and help people to have a unique Experience and Express themselves thru the artistic Ways


Founder CEO of SEEN Label - Lana Harper (SEEN)


Artists that has been admitted to SEEN Label & Art Music Events :


/ Eskuche/ Nu Sky/ Fahad Haider/ Benjamin Alexander/ Tom Motum/


Tour Dates



August 23

Secret location event
Somewhere in soho nyc... 

We have started events for the label SEEN
Were with the support to keep creative and young people out of depression and spread the message about preventing them on committing suicide . It was couple of tragic accidents in the industry this year and numerous in the past couple of years and i would like to invite you and your friends to support the creativity and art with this good cause and bring that good vibe in
We don't look for the vibers we want to bring good people together and enjoy the evening of creative people together and u can come as u are if u're invited... u're welcome

Djing by me Harper SEEN
Linup tba...

Artists Painters Invited With ART :


Looking for the new venue

SEEN is currently Looking for a new Venue to create a show ... If you are venue owner or Event manager please contact us with the informAtion in . contact form